Visual to seek.

Think about the future,
with the power of visualizing

We see to think.
We learn to think.

Now, there is an overflow of information that serves as a basis for thinking in the world.
It has become difficult to discern what information is necessary and what information should be considered.

Seekvisions hopes to be a creator
who produces content in the flow from information to thought.


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Tomoko Koyama

こうやま ともこ

Born in Japan. After working as a sales associate in an apparel store and as a sales assistant in the insurance industry, I studied web design and started my current activities in 2019.
My primary focus is on creating infographics, but I also provide website design and logo design services. Additionally, I take on the role of a director in production projects.
I have many hobbies, but in particular, I enjoy playing in a band, traveling, visiting art museums, reading, and fashion. To profile page