Meguru Farm

I created the logo for “Meguru Farm,” a company based in Gifu Prefecture that specializes in the production and sale of pesticide-free vegetables.

“めぐる(sounds “meguru”)” means “to go around” or “to revolve” in Japanese. I incorporated the imagery of “circulation” derived from the word “めぐる,” as well as the Japanese aesthetic and sentiment evoked by the concept of “circulation.”

I drew inspiration from the infinity symbol and created an original ‘Meguru Mark’ design that incorporates a looping effect.

I listened to their passion for vegetable cultivation and desire for the logo that would serve as a symbol for future activities. and so I aimed for a logo mark reminiscent of family crests or floral patterns.

Eating vegetables, which are blessings of nature, signifies connecting with nature. This design embodies the wish for a world where human activities coexist with the natural cycle.